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SCALPED Omnibus Vol. 1 Coming in November

As revealed in DC's latest solicitations, the acclaimed crime series SCALPED will be getting the Omnibus treatment for the first time later this year.

From writer Jason Aaron and artist R. M. Guéra, along with a long list of other amazing artists, including cover artist Jock, SCALPED tells the story of Dashiell Bad Horse, who returns to the land of his birth with a dark secret in tow that soon finds him embroiled in the criminal escapades of Chief Lincoln Red Crow, alongside a cast of unforgettable characters who bring the Prairie Rose reservation to life in all its grit and glory.

SCALPED Omnibus Vol. 1 collects issues 1-29 of the series and will hit stores this November.

"One of the best comics ever created."

--Philadelphia Daily News

"SCALPED is a work of art."

--Ed Brubaker

"The only real comparisons, in both the scope of the comic's ambition and the dexterity of its execution, are to the recent wave of sophisticated, genre-busting television series. Prairie Rose is to Scalped what Baltimore was to The Wire and what Deadwood was to, well, Deadwood."


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