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JASON AARON has been writing award-winning comic books for over two decades. After winning a Marvel Comics talent search contest in 2001, Aaron quickly became one of Marvel’s preeminent writers, crafting character-defining runs on such titles as GHOST RIDER, WOLVERINE, PUNISHER and DOCTOR STRANGE. His landmark seven year run on THOR featured the headline-grabbing adventures of Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor, and his 2015 STAR WARS series became the best-selling American comic book in more than 20 years. Aaron’s critically acclaimed creator-owned work includes the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning SOUTHERN BASTARDS from Image Comics and the New York Times best-selling SCALPED from Vertigo Comics, plus the recently launched ONCE UPON A TIME AT THE END OF THE WORLD from BOOM! Studios. Aaron is soon to make his DC Comics debut in the form of BATMAN OFF-WORLD and a 2024 takeover of Superman's ACTION COMICS. Jason Aaron was born and raised in Alabama and currently resides in Kansas City. He enjoys many things but shaving is not one of them.

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