"One of the best writers in comics."

--Graphic Policy

"Aaron has asserted himself as the master of the modern superhero epic."


"There's no one working in superhero comics right now who can take beloved canonical concepts and mash them up into something entirely new quite like Jason Aaron, and he's proven that time and time again with his AVENGERS run."

--SYFY Wire

"For the past seven years, Jason Aaron has been giving a master class in superhero fantasy in his THOR run, a story that functions as both a comprehensive character study and a war epic that spans all of space and time."

--Oliver Sava, AV Club

"An adventure that is the pinnacle of what super hero comics can be."

--Comicosity on THE MIGHTY THOR

"One of the best comics ever created."

--Philadelphia Daily News on SCALPED

"Nothing short of a true classic. Up there with Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Alan Moore's Watchmen."

--Library Journal on THE OTHER SIDE

"About as close to perfect as comics get."


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