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Sound and Fury: The Graphic Novel

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

As announced in the Hollywood Reporter and at last week's New York Comic Con, I'm now working on a new graphic novel project for Z2 Comics with country music superstar and one of my favorite modern songwriters, Sturgill Simpson.

SOUND AND FURY, coming in 2020 from Z2 Comics

In conjunction with his newest album, SOUND AND FURY, which is more of a guitar and synth-driven rock record that barrels right the fuck along like a gas-guzzling muscle car driven by a 1970s stunt man on a bender, Sturgill had a companion anime produced with some of the coolest luminaries in that biz, namely Takashi Okazaki of Afro Samurai and Junpei Mizusaki of Batman Ninja.

The anime, which is available now on Netflix, is part Ninja Scroll, part Road Warrior, and pairs perfectly with Sturgill's slam bang dee-vine motherfucker of an album, in part because he and his band were watching samurai flicks in the studio the whole time they were recording.

Seriously, it's the best fucking album I've heard all year. Best in a good fucking while. I don't care if you don't like country music. This ain't country. Sturgill himself sure as fuck is. But this is a hard-driving rock record that roars between genres and influences in a daring, fuck-all-y'all way that speaks straight to this here writer's blackened Alabama soul.

Now Sturgill wants to bring the world of that SOUND AND FURY anime to comics, because he's a big nerd just like the rest of us, and because he's also a big fan of SOUTHERN BASTARDS, he asked me to do it. And I was like, "Fuck yeah, I'll do that."

So I was at New York Comic Con last week as a guest of Z2 Comics to announce the project and to sit down with Sturgill and the folks behind the anime to figure out how to bring the characters of SOUND AND FURY to life as a graphic novel. And I feel really good about the fact that we're all fixin' to make some sweet countrified samurai music together.

Sturgill and me. I guess he's the sound and I'm the fury.

Takashi Okazaki and me. An awesome artist and awesome dude.

For my money, I want this comic to read exactly like Sturgill's music sounds. If you're not familiar with that particular sound, I suggest you check out Sturgill's blistering SNL performance from a few years ago or this fiery taste of the new album, live from Brooklyn the other night.

The graphic novel will serve as a prequel to the anime, and will look to answer a lot of questions and fill in backstory for the main characters, while also providing a kick-ass stand-alone experience whether or not you've seen the anime or have any idea who the fuck Sturgill Simpson is.

So yeah, I'm kinda excited. I always love getting to tackle something that feels new and different from anything I've done before. Thanks to the fine folks at Z2 Comics for bringing me in.

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Cheers. And thanks as always for reading.


KC, October 2019

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This is so awesome can't wait for this Jason

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