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SOUND AND FURY is coming this November to blow out your eyeballs with awesome

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The upcoming SOUND AND FURY graphic novel from Z2 Comics, based on the music of one of my favorite modern country artists, Sturgill Simpson, and the post-apocalyptic anime made in conjunction with his most recent album, is without a doubt one of the wildest, most batshit-crazy things I've ever written. Strap in for one high-fucking-octane ride with this one.

Preview art was released today for the first time, including this killer variant cover by DEATHBURGER. Check out more preview art here, courtesy of Pitchfork. And go to Z2's site if you wanna pre-order your own lovely copy.

There's a whole stellar crew involved with bringing this whacked-out world to full-throttled life, including writer Ryan Cady and artists Takashi Okazaki, Vasilis Lolos, Rosi Kampe, Rufus Dayglo and Deathburger. This is gonna be one big pretty shotgun blast of a book.


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