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WORLD WAR SHE-HULK kicks off in July

An official press release just went out for the next big AVENGERS arc, with this quote from me:

When the Russian Winter Guard invade Avengers Mountain to arrest She-Hulk, it sets off a global espionage adventure that takes us from the notorious assassin training academy of the Red Room to an undersea kingdom on the verge of violent revolution. Along the way, traitors will fall, regimes will crumble and the dark evolution of Jennifer Walters will reach its bloody red crescendo, all as we build toward the epic events of AVENGERS #50.

The official solicit text:

After the shocking events of “Enter the Phoenix,” the Earth has become more fractured and volatile than ever, especially for the Avengers. Once She-Hulk is declared a global menace, Russia’s mightiest heroes, the Winter Guard, are tasked with bringing Jen to justice, to face a fate no Hulk could hope to endure.

This was the first AVENGERS arc I wrote in 2021, in this new year so full of promise. But it represents a shift to a darker tone for the series, as I begin to tie together some of the book's ongoing threads. The entire arc is actually already written, and I've moved on to the gargantuan issue #50, which is bursting with all sorts of explosions and epic madness that will set up some new things for 2022. The FREE COMIC BOOK DAY AVENGERS issue will be a big piece of that as well.

“World War She-Hulk” begins July 7 in AVENGERS #46, with cover and interior art by Javier Garrón.


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