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Today's New Releases: HEROES REBORN #5

Sorry, I meant to get to this earlier today, but I was busy working on a secret new project. Gonna post this real quick and get right back to it. I don't think this one will need a lot of explanation.

HEROES REBORN #5 regular cover by Leinil Yu and Sunny Gho. Trading card variant by Mark Bagley. Action Figure Variant by John Tyler Christopher. Variant by Jeffrey Veregge. Variant by Kyle Hotz. Stormbreakers variant by Juann Cabal.

HEROES REBORN #5 interior pages by R. M. Guéra with colors by Giulia Brusco.

So. This week. A descent into the darkest corner of the HEROES REBORN world. Alongside the man whose fists own the night. The greatest enemy of the world's most devious, deadly and deranged. And Nighthawk does that by being the maddest of them all.

And it's all by the same demented dudes who brought you SCALPED and THE GODDAMNED and the origin of Malekith the Accursed in THOR GOD OF THUNDER #25.

Come into the dark. He'll be there waiting.


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