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Today's New Releases: HEROES REBORN #2

Hey, that book you liked from a week ago is back already. In case you didn't know, HEROES REBORN will be coming your way weekly these next couple months. For issue #2, we focus on Marvel's Mightiest Megastar, Hyperion, the high-flying super-sentinel of liberty.

Regular cover by Leinil Yu, Trading Card variant by Mark Bagley, variant by Carlos Magno, variant by Jeffrey Veregge, Action Figure variant by John Tyler Christopher and Stormbreakers variant by Natacha Bustos.

Interiors are by Dale Keown, Carlos Magno, Scott Hanna and Edgar Delgado. With a back-up tale by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales and Matthew Wilson.

I'm not putting up the issue's preview pages, because I'd rather you dive into that particular opening scene once you're holding the actual issue. It's one of my favorite little bits of the series, that I think sets the tone for what this story is really like.

And don't miss the two tie-in books that are also out today. Both super fun in the way they give you a deeper dive into the world and some of the events of HEROES REBORN #2. HYPERION & THE IMPERIAL GUARD is like finding a dusty old back issue from an alternate reality Marvel publishing line, complete with a Starjammers teaser and fictional letters column. And PETER PARKER: THE AMAZING SHUTTERBUG shows you how and why this reality's Peter Parker is such a wildly different character who's maybe not so different after all.

Thanks so much for the awesome response to issue #1. Thanks for embracing the joy and fun of this series. I'm sure we could all use a lot more of those things this year. See you again next week. Cheers.


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