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Today's New Releases: HEROES REBORN #1

Updated: May 6, 2021

In comic stores today, you're invited to a version of the Marvel Universe unlike anything you've ever seen.

Despite all the previews and teaser covers and interviews that are out there about this series, I still think this is one you have to see for yourself to truly get. For my part, I'll just say it's a love letter to comics that I wrote last year, during a time when the whole world was in upheaval and the comic industry had shuddered to a stop. I poured a lifetime's worth of comic book love and appreciation and kid-eyed wonder into its pages, and now I'm beyond excited to see our industry back and this book on some actual shelves.

Regular cover by Leinil Francis Yu, variant by Ed McGuinness, Action Figure variant by John Tyler Christopher, Power Princess variant by Artgerm, variant by Jeffrey Veregge, variant by George Perez, variant by Carlos Pacheco, Trading Card variant by Mark Gabley, Stormbreaker variant by Joshua Cassara, Blade variant by Lucio Parrillo and Gatefold variant by Iban Coello.

That's at least most of the covers. There may be more. You tell me.

Preview pages:

If those pages by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales and Matthew Wilson haven't sold you yet, then I'll just leave you with this bit I liked from SyFy Wire:

In a Marvel career that's seen him invent, reinvent, and remix just about every corner of the universe at this point, it feels natural to me that Jason Aaron's next big swing at an event is something a bit experimental even by his standards. Sure, alternate universe stories are nothing new, especially in the Marvel Multiverse, but as Heroes Reborn's first issue unfolds, it's clear that Aaron is less interested in holding our hand as we walk into this new world and more interested in playing with an entirely new set of toys, and the result is one of the most fun issues of superhero comics so far this year.


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