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This Week's New Releases: THE AVENGERS are back & THE GODDAMNED gets collected

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

This week, there will be war, in heaven and earth.

The HEROES REBORN event is over, and thank you once again for the overwhelming response to our weird little alternate earth romp.

Now THE AVENGERS are back, still dealing with the after-effects of those otherworldly shenanigans and with their own world looking more dangerous than ever, as we begin the globetrotting, action-driven arc that will rocket us right toward the gargantuan events of AVENGERS #50.

The next year's worth of stories for me begins here, with "World War She-Hulk," and I think it's the best arc Javier Garrón and I have done yet. It's certainly amazing work from Javier, art that just keeps getting more exciting and inspired with each new issue. I wrote this entire arc at the beginning of the year, after finishing HEROES REBORN, and alongside a new project that you'll definitely be hearing a whoooole lot about very soon. "World War She-Hulk" hits the ground running, with a darker, more ominous tone, taking some threads that have been a part of the series for a long while now and tying them up into one big angry gamma-powered knot.

If HEROES REBORN was really a rebirth of sorts in more than just name, and I've said before it was certainly written as such, then AVENGERS #46 is the first new bloom to come from that reseeding.

The road to AVENGERS #50 begins here. A road that leads to the future, the ancient past, to worlds beyond all knowing, to the forever and the never-was, to a run of stories that will connect back to most every major series I've ever written during my 15 years at Marvel. So, you know, no pressure or anything.

See you on the other side of the war.

And as I said, this week the war's not just on earth. It's in heaven as well.

If you want to see a comic book series that is beyond gorgeous, that will make sweet love to your eyeballs, while also punching you square in those same eyeballs, along with the gut and the throat and the soul, then look no further than the second trade paperback collection of the biblical noir that is THE GODDAMNED.

THE VIRGIN BRIDES takes us back to the world before the Great Flood, a place of sharpened rocks and pointy sticks and axes of animal bones, a world of mud and shit and scars and fire, a world on the verge of the very first apocalypse.

In the midst of that wretched landscape, hidden high atop a remote mountain, there is a different sort of world. One without want. Without danger. Without men. Here, the holy sisters at a secret nunnery live in peace and paradise, in a new Eden, rearing their flock of orphaned girls to embrace the blessings and grace of the Lord Almighty as Brides of the Sons of God.

But when two young brides-to-be realize the dark truth of what awaits them on their wedding day, they realize there's only one way to escape the bloody bonds of matrimony: run like goddamned hell.

Artist r.m.Guera and colorist Giulia Brusco truly outdid themselves with this series. It is utterly divine in all its grisliness and like the burning bush which appeared to Moses, must be seen to be believed.

And it's waiting for you now, at your local comic shop.

Hope you're well and smiling and loved.


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