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New Interviews

A collection of new interviews I've done recently, both podcasts and print.

-- SCREENED ON THE SPOT is a KC podcast that lets you get to know folks through the movies they love. Think it made for a fun and interesting conversation. There's the video version below and also an extended audio cut. The movies I talk about as being especially important to me include Full Metal Jacket, Boogie Nights and Moonrise Kingdom. And of course Crossroads comes up as well.

-- I had a lovely chat with David Harper from SKTCHD, one of the absolute best comic book commentary sites around today. And David's podcast, Off Panel, is always a great listen as well.

-- I also recently popped up on both the Comics Collective podcast and the AIPT Comics one, mostly talking about ONCE UPON A TIME AT THE END OF THE WORLD, but other stuff as well.

You can find all of those podcasts archived on a playlist on my Spofity page. And I'll try to keep that updated with new interviews as I go. You can also find my playlist for ONCE UPON A TIME AT THE END OF THE WORLD Book One over there, with more to come.

-- I did a pretty extensive talk with Dave Richards from CBR about the ins and outs of my final epic AVENGERS story, "Avengers Assemble."

-- And I popped up on the local news recently, the day of my KC signing for ONCE UPON A TIME AT THE END OF THE WORLD #1. It was early, so I woke up about five minutes before this. And my office gets a lot of sun in the morning, so it looks a bit like I'm in the witness protection program, but hey, at least my beard is combed.


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