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Moon Knight vs. the Avengers this April

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Marvel's solicitations for April just came out, and they include AVENGERS #33, which kicks off the big "Age of Khonshu" arc I've been teasing for a while.

If you've ever wanted to see Moon Knight at his most badass, taking on the most powerful, primordial forces of the Marvel Universe, with all his moon-powered fury, then this is the world-shaking, face-breaking arc for you.

Mummies are rising from their graves. Secret armies march by moonlight, from K’un-Lun to Wakanda to Greenwich Village. A dark god invades Asgard. And the Moon Knight has been unleashed as never before. So begins the Age of Khonshu. So fall the Avengers.

The wicked cover is by the great Matteo Scalera and interior art is courtesy of Javier Garrón, who's completely killing it.

"I'm a ghost now. A spectre of the moon... the moon's knight of vengeance. And I've got work to do."

This arc has been the main focus of my 2020 so far, and like I talked about in the most recent edition of my newsletter, I'm looking for it to set the tone for everything I wanna do in the Marvel U going forward. In case you can't tell, I'm pretty damn excited about this one.

The Age of Khonshu begins in AVENGERS #33, this April.

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I can't begin to keep up on current comics, but Moon Knight is the one character I always want more of, so excited to see Marc and Co. in your hands!!!

Mi piace

Hey Jason awesome run on the Avengers, i am asking about my favorite Avenger Wonder man anytime on the team in the future?

Mi piace
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