THE GODDAMNED Trade Paperbacks

THE GODDAMNED Trade Paperbacks

Available volumes:


VOLUME ONE: Before the Flood, regular cover by rmGuera. $10

VOLUME ONE: Before the Flood, variant cover by rmGuera. $10

VOLUME TWO: The Virgin Brides, cover by rmGuera.  $17


All volumes hand-signed by Jason Aaron.




The first trade paperback collection of the gritty Biblical crime series THE GODDAMED by Jason Aaron and rmGuera, the creators of SCALPED. From Image Comics. Collects issues #1-5. Comes in regular edition or with a limited variant cover by rmGuera.


"And the earth was filled with violence."
--Genesis 6:11


It’s 1,655 years after Eden, and life on earth has already gone to hell. The world of man is a place of wanton cruelty and wickedness. Prehistoric monsters and stone-age marauders roam the land. Murder and destruction are the rule of the day. This is life before the Flood. The story of man on the verge of his first apocalypse. Welcome to the world of The Goddamned.




Writer JASON AARON & artist r.m. GUÉRA return to the stark and brutal world of THE GODDAMNED for the long-awaited second chapter of their biblical-noir epic.

“…the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men. And they bore children to them…” Genesis 6:4

In the time before the Great Flood, the world of man is a place of wanton violence and unbridled depravity. But hidden high atop a mountain, there is a very different sort of world. One without men. Here, the holy sisters at a secret nunnery live in paradise, a new Eden, rearing their flock of orphaned girls to embrace their future as blessed Brides of the Sons of God. But when Sharri and Jael, two girls on the cusp of flowering, uncover what it truly means to become a Bride, they realize there’s only one way to escape the bonds of matrimony: run like hell. Collects THE GODDAMNED: THE VIRGIN BRIDES #1-5


Age Rating: M

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