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This Week's New Releases: The last ride of the Mighty Valkyries. Or is it?

In stores this week! The grand finale of the THE MIGHTY VALKYRIES! With even more stunning artwork from Mattia de Iulis (I mean seriously, look at the below and tell me that's not breathtaking) and the storytelling mastery of Torunn Grønbekk (you can also pick up Torunn's other new Marvel series this week, WARHAMMER 40K: SISTERS OF BATTLE).

And so ends the story of Dr. Jane Foster and Rūna the returned Original Valkyrie, true owner of the mighty axe Jarnbjorn, and Mr. Horse, hater of poncy ponies, and More the Moon Hounds and Kraven the Hunter and the Queens of Hel and some adorable little new gods.

Though not exactly.

It should be obvious by now that nothing can keep Jane Foster down. Not cancer. Not Hel dragons. Not Odin. Not the anti-horse apartment rental policies of Midtown Manhattan.

As teased at the end of this issue, look for Jane to return in a very big way in the pages of the landmark AVENGERS #50 this November. And beyond that... well don't look now, but I think we can all expect 2022 to be far and away the biggest year yet in the storied life of Jane Foster of Staten Island, doctor, Goddess of Thunder, Chooser of the Slain, All-Mother, cancer survivor, Odin-puncher.

Thanks as always for supporting Jane's story. Stay tuned for more.


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